"The Seventy Year-Weeks, a riddle."   TRIBULATION, the last seven years of this old world before the coming of Messiah. All the signs today, with the Jews returning to Israel and the growing hatred of Jews all around the world, points to that day the "Final countdown" when the Lord himself will come down to put allt things right. The last verses of book of Daniel says that at the end of time when we seek the truth will understand more and more, but the unbeliever will live own their lives going on as usual, and they will hate the Lord for messing up their world. And the prophet Daniel ends his book with a riddle that will be solved when that time is near. This is my logical conclusion over what can happen, but the closer we come to the end, the clearer the picture will be, ... and this is a possible agenda of the last 2520 days or 360 weeks to that day when Messiah comes down to restore Israel and the 1000 years of peace is here.

  There are verses in the Holy Bible that att first sight do not seem to talk about the coming of days, but in Hosea 6:1-2, here the Jews say, come let us turn to the Lord. He might punished us in one or two days, but on the third day will the Lord restore us. 

I found their resoning strange, because the Lord often punish in terms of years, but then I took a thumb vers and landed on a vers that talks about the day for the Lord is lika a thousand years, and then it hit me that the Lord was letting the Jews own  prophecy stand unchanged but now it says that in 2000 years the Jews will be punished but then on their third day, or next 1000 years the Jews, and the whole world will find peace, and the Jews will prosper in the own country.

  There are prophecies that tell us who the enemies of Israel are, and that they want to divide Israel and erase the Jews from the face of the erath, but the Lords answer is; If you do this and curse the Jews, then the same thing will happen to you, but if you bless Israel, then you will be blessed. The political arabic spring was in the beginning a blessing, because it included the Jew, but then the hatered of Israel took oven and now all the arabic countries have civil war, and those country that want to divide Israel and open up the bridges and seaports, have today problems with terror in their own country. Eye for an eye ...! 

Many say that the new city of Jerusalem will come down and be placed on this world, but they have not taken in account the huge size of this glorious city. Fact is that the havenly city is a square with one side about 230 000 mile long, with one corner placed in Dublin, in Ireland, next on Gibralta, the third on Athen and the last on Riga. The new Jerusalem is not a small town, it is a whole continent with room for 2-3 billion people, or 1/3 of all the people that ever lived. That is if the number is same as the number of saved Jews at the end of tribulation. The Bible is vary fond of the number 3, so why not?  The Russians say that they have seen a square of something out in space, but in space nothing is formed as a cube, ...  unless?  

Possible preface to the “Seventy Week of Years”- mystery and the end of time,
written by
prophet Daniel 12:4, 10-12
(4) But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased. (10-12) ... but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice be taken away, and the abomination is abolished, the 1290 days pass away. Blessed is he who endures, and cometh to the 1335 days.

The prophet Daniel writes here that the understanding of the prophecies will be hidden until the end of time, but they will be open up for us the closer we come to the days before the seven years of tribulation. The wicked
will still not understand, because they do not believe in the Word of God, while the openhearted, who search in the scriptures for the truth, will understand as more of the prophecies will come to pass. And as if to emphasize this, prophet Daniel gives us a riddle, which speaks of certain events and length of times that will occur in the Tribulation.

 Daniel 4:1-34 The king Nebuchadnezzar, was at that time the most powerful of all kings, but one day he exclaimed, in bravado, to be a god. But the Lord's answer was quite short: “To seven years thou shalt crawl like an animal on the ground and eat grass, until that day you will come to your senses and admit that I, the Lord God, is the Almighty, I and nobody else.” And for that same sin are we all guilty of even today and therefore all mankind will have to suffer and go through a similar tribulation of seven years, until we recognize that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

The cornerstone the world missed by not ask themselves “What about the 1335 days.”

 When I realized the 1335 th day was that blessed day when the Messiah would come down and stand on the mount of Olives, and that the idol god statue would be standing in the temple in 1290 days, then it was only a question of adding and subtracting to get the last period of 45 days, when antichrist would call together all armies of the world's to besiege Jerusalem and to punish Israel for they had thrown his statue out of the temple. And this what I more found out.

   Start on the last day of tribulation the day 2520, subtract 1335 days and you get 1185 days from day one. Add then 1290 days, the days the statue is standing in the temple and you reach day 2475 or 45 days before end time. The gentiles are walking about in the temple for 2300 days, so that means from day 2475 subtract 2300 and you will get to the day the temple is open for worship. And to day one are 175 days. So, the temple be ready for service at day 175 from day one. 

Dan 8:13-14 And when the Gentiles shall in 2300 days be walk about in the temple. The following agenda is therefore the result of a logical argument as to what might happen during the last the seven years. When I added the weekly numbers to the calendar, I discovered that it differed 144 weeks between the dedication of the temple, and when the statue was put in the temple, and therefore I assume that the coming 144 000 disciples will preach during the weeks of 25 - 169. But this is my guess.

 From today + a unknown sum of days will pass before the Tribulation will come, …and then on on Day 1 – 174   or the weeks 1 - 24 ? 


Withered legs, and the bones will walk around. The Jews will return and Israel is now a state among other nations. Ezekiel 37:1-14

The fig tree that died. Some churches say that this is the destiny for Israel, but Jesus in not thinking of Israel at this time. Matt 24:31-33

Do not divide my country, sayeth the Lord, for then I will in my turn divide your countries. “Eye for an eye”. Joel 3:1-2

The Bride of Christ will go home before the Tribulation begins, because the Holy Spirit is living in the Christians and they will see Satan’s work and ask the Lord not to let antichrist take the scene and seduce the world. Therefore, must all good praying Christians be taken home some days before. 2 Thess 2:3-14

The mosque on the Temple mound will collapses, maybe by an earthquake. Egyptians, Jordanians and Palestinians, and maybe with the help of ISIS, will begin a short war, and this time the Palestinian will lose all the land between the river Jordan and the Sea, because the Jews are ready and knows how to fight in close quarters, trained as they are by Hamas many raids.   

United Nations, tired of Palestinians many manipulating ways, will now offer Israel a false peace, and the Jews will accept this and torn down the border walls. Matt 24:40-44, Matthew 25:1-14

Temple in Jerusalem is now under construction. Zech 2:8-9

  The big victory against the Palestine angers the rest of Arabic world and Gog, with Iran and other named Muslim armies, will now attack Israel, but they will face their ultimate defeat at Armageddon. Notice that Egypt is not with them, because they were “defeated2 or met a catastrophe when the River Nile comes roaring down from Aswan Dam and drown Cairo. And at this time they are afraid of the Jews. Isaiah 19: 16-17 The whole chapter talks about Egypt in a way that has not happened the country yet. And even their future now looks grim, there is a bright promise in the coming millennium.

And in the Armageddon war the Bible describes how the Jews will carefully work the land to clean it up after a terrible … fire from above, an A -bomb from Iran? Hes 38:8
   After that the Russians and Muslim armies have been defeated, the world is now open for Antichrist, and he will be given or will take over all power in Middle East, by giving false promises of a world peace. Later on He will divide the Middle East world into ten kingdoms, or regions. And in the first 3½ years will 25 % of the world population die of wars, earthquakes and sicknesses.


Week 25 or Day 175

The temple is opened for services and the daily the Jewish sacrifice begins, but the temple is now a worldwide church and the Gentiles will walk in and out of the temple grounds for 2300 days up to 45 days before the end. Dan 8:13-14

The 144 000 witnesses, all Jews, receives now the seal of God upon their foreheads and the mission, given first to the Disciples by Jesus, are to preach the Gospel throughout the whole earth, and they do miracles and nobody can stop them. The 144 000 are selected and sent out two by two, both man and women, and after they have done their work, they will have a special place in haven and sing a beautiful song nobody else can sing. There is no set date when they start and end their work, but if 144x7=1008 days that sum is close to what all other days are in Gods plans.  Rev 7:2-13 Mark 16:15, Dan 9:24-26


The most logical guess with the problem of the new earth is that one of the lost planets in space is coming our way and it is on that planet the new city, Jerusalem, will be placed upon. And that new earth has no need for a sun, because God himself will be the light, sitting upon his throne. So one of the first jobs we have to do is to turn this new empty world into a home, into our own Paradis, surraounding the new Jerusalem.

The 144 000 witnesses, all Jews, receives now the seal of God upon their foreheads and the mission, given first to the Disciples by Jesus, are to preach the Gospel throughout the whole earth, and they do miracles and nobody can stop them. The 144 000 are selected and sent out two by two, both man and women, and after they have done their work, they will have a special place in haven and sing a beautiful song nobody else can sing. There is no set date when they start and end their work, but if 144x7=1008 days that sum is close to what all other days are in Gods plans.  Rev 7:2-13 Mark 16:15, Dan 9:24-26


Week 169 Day 1183

Antichrist statue is placed in the temple and it will stand there in 1290days, until 2475th day.  But many Jews accepting that antichrist is the coming messiah and even today they are taking side with those who are working against the promises given to the Jews. That is why many of the Jews, 2/3 of them, will perish in the last war of Jerusalem. Dan 12:11-12
But all of those who believe in true Messiah and do not take mark 666 upon the head, and live to
1335th Day, they will pass over into the thousand years of peace. But others will bemartyrs and heads will roll, but they will wake up and liv again in next millennium.


Week 175 Day 1211

The mark of 666. All who enter the temple must worship the statue and take the mark upon them, if they want to live, … and to buy and sell. Rev. 13:8 To survive you must take to the hills or hide in the wilderness, and survive by trading gods. Just as it was in World War Two there will be people who are obstinate, bowing to nobody, but feel that they should also give believers help to hide. And among all these people will we find those that can survive the whole seven years of tribulation.


Two witnesses (Elijah and Enoch) comes forward and preaches in Jerusalem for 1260days. They accuse and remind the people of their sin, and no one can stop them from preaching. And all the world hates these two prophets, because they tell them the truth, and the truth is not what the world wants to hear. Rev 11:1-14 


The doomsdays plague can begin, after that the 144 000 disciples have been sent out, but the first 3 ½ years of tribulation are to be almost peaceful, and antichrist will leave the Jews alone, as long as they do not question his rulings.  


Day 1260              Week 180 – 335 Day 1260 – 2345

Seven seals, seven trumpets, seven vails of wrath begins, and of this will I explain later.

At about this time will the 144 000 disciples be lifted up to haven as their mission to preaching the Gospel to all the people on earth is now finished. Rev 7:2-13

Week 310 ? day 2170 ?


The two witnesses (Elijah and Enoch) are suddenly killed and the whole world is happy and people celebrate their death with party, favors and gifts, but ...

… the two prophets are then resurrected after 3 ½ days, to the people's great horror and, before all eyes, they are lifted up into the haven by the Lord. Rev. 11:1-14
And when seeing all thisthe Jews do realize that Jesus is the Messiah. The Jews, seeking the Lord and they are all baptized, because they begin to pray to Jesus. And the Jews purifies the temple by throwing out all the pagan idol and stopped the daily sacrifice.

Zech 12:10       2 Chronicles 7:14   Dan 8:13-14


Week 355 Day 2471 - day 2475 The last 7 weeks of the Tribulation begins now.


Satan will now take His revenge and he mobilizes all the armies of the world to attack the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem. Some Jews are being carried away in captivity and towards the end of the 45 days, two-thirds of all Jews have been killed, all those that believed in Satan and can or will not want to see that Jesus as the true Messiah. In the beginning of this war Satan is winning and the Jews are taken captures and shipped to Turkey, but in the last days the Lord calls them all back to Jerusalem because He is now going to punish the world. And during all this time the Antichrist do not control the whole world, for there are out there 8 lords and 7 leaders that opposes Satan. That means hidden places that Satan cannot reach the believers and put his mark on them.


Day 2476-2518

The Israelites are now being crammed into Jerusalem, 1/3 of the Jews are all there and the only way out is through the Golden Gate, which is closed. Israel now cry out withone voice, all believing, and then the Lord will now hear their prayer.

The King and Lord Messiah comes down, with the whole heavenly host, and He stands on the Mount of Olives. And Jesus proclaims, "This is my people." And all of Israel answer: "The Lord is my God." Mount of Olives, the rock splits and a path is broken up and the Golden Gate opens to up for the people of God, and they will find a home in that rock.

Zech 13:8-9   Zech 14:1-17


Week 359  Day 2519


Satan is now defeated and thrown in jail for 1000 years, minus one. And by this time half of the worlds population will be dead, but that means also that half of the world population will go on living to rebuild the earth, and the Lord will rule from Jerusalem.

The Millennium now begins and a new temple will be rebuilt and Messiahs throne is placed in the restored city of Jerusalem, but this is not the New Jerusalem that is coming down from haven, because that city has no temple and no sun.

 And an alliance of three, Israel, Egypt and Syria, is made and the Lord will sit on his throne and the world will come to honor him and hear his council. And the leader of any country that will not come before the Lord, his land will have no rain. People will have their own will, and they will also stand to answer to their own deeds.


Day 2520 Day 1 – day 365240                  The Millennium

Satan is let loose for a short time, maybe for one year to deceive and tempt all mankind. There are many people om earth that are not happy with Jesus sitting on the throne and Satan calls for them for a final countdown, a second battle of Armageddon. And after this war that Satan loses, comes the Last Judgment. After the verdict will everything old and belonging to this earth be destroyed and we will see a new heaven, a new earth and a new Jerusalem is waiting out there for us. Rev 21:1-2 For not even the Lord wants to be reminded of this old sinful earth.


This old earth will be destroyed, collapse into the sun, the lake of eternal fire, and our new home, the new Jerusalem is today out there somewhere, in a big cub, and one side of the that city is 220 euro miles long, that makes it a city large enough to cover most of Europe.

And since the new earth needs no sun, because God himself will be the sun, our light, that means the new planet do not need to stay close to a star, that it can wander of along the Milky Way, across the galaxy, to …? But before then there will be a great party that last for years, because we all want to meet and say hallo to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John and Daniel, all of the prophet, and ask them all about the Seventy Weeks Years mystery.


After have I compare the coming punishment in the Tribulation, I come to the conclusion that they are the same, but presented in different ways.Why? Because when it talks about 1/3 and the water turns red, and the fiches will die, and similar happens again, then no living things will survive. So I believe that the seals are like an overall preview of what is going to happen, what the stat the world will be in. The trumpet signals to us that the time is coming and the vails is the time the punishment poured out over the world. In the 6 seal, trumpet and vail it talks about the same thing, the river Euphrates waters dries up and letting the king of the East come and the 200 million soldiers are marching, first against Satan, but evil daemons make them to changes their minds. The river cannot dry up two times, so …?         


7 Seal = The four horsemen removes peace on earth, the sun turns black, earthquakes and storms.
7 trumpets and three "woes" cry = All of nature will suffer, Wormwood and four penalty angels are turned loose, and one-third of the world's population dies. At the end of the tribulation half of the world population have died, and among these we will find all those who took the mark upon them.

7 vials of wrath = All those bearing the mark 666 suffer from boils, seas turning to blood, the sun's heat dries the earth, and unclean spirits ravage the Earth. (Perhaps at this time the angry bowl is now empties and causes the river Euphrates dries out to open the way for the kings of the east.) An earthquake destroys 10% of Jerusalem and 7 000 die. The seventh trumpet is blown, and the third "woe" of rage remaining.
Two vials of the wrath remain with large earthquakes, Babylon is destroyed, cities will collapse and the map of the whole earth is forever changed.


These are my conclusion up to now, and there will be changes made as we come closer to the end of time, but until that day, this will have to make do. Daniel Hill