"Intill den tiden- de sista 1 + 7 åren." 

The Seventy Week of the Year. Matt. 24 - 25 In the text Jesus talks about the time of the end and his return with a story about Noah's time and the coming of the temple. “Look at the fig tree (Israel) when it blooms, because then you know that summer (the millennial kingdom) is near. So when the temple begins to be built, we know that soon the many times and number of days that the prophet Daniel spoke of will be fulfilled, and that the seventh week of the year is near.

Dan 12: 7-12 "These words shall remain hidden until the time of the end, and no wicked one shall understand this, but the prudent ones (who seek the truth) shall understand it."

The chapter ends with the mystery of times, time and ½ time, as well as the mystery of the 1335 and 1290 days, the connection of which will become obvious to those who seek facts in the last days. In the book's title 1 + 7 years, there is a clue that can give you an idea of the last time, and about what will happen in Tribulation.


The book is published by Semnos Förlag, Värnamo

Ancient. The book addresses the Bible's view of world history, from creation to Noah, through Abraham, Moses and on to Jesus' death on the cross.

Dan. 7: 1–7. King Belshazzar's dream of four wild animals, all with sharp claws in the battle for world domination.

Babylon = lion, Medo-Persian = bear, Greece = leopard and Roman Empire = saber-toothed tiger.

Present. Unusual world empires will now arise, four horses, with riders who want to control our thoughts and opinions through politics and religion. Zechariah 6 and Up. 6

With Jerusalem as the center, we can read the following in these chapters: Red Horse pulled east and the rider carried a large sword that takes away all peace on earth, as he lets kill ¼ part of the earth's population. (Fascism with red flags) Communism.

Green Horse pulled south and the rider, named Death, carried a sword and he too will have part of the people of the earth killed. Those who follow him are not afraid to die or be killed. (Fascism with green flags.) Islam. It used to be thought that the text was about living horses, so one horse's color became mottled and pale yellow, but in Hebrew it says chlorophyll = green.

White Horse pulled west and the rider (dressed in white?)

wearing a victory wreath and a bow (without the arrows of the spirit). Rome and Christianity.

Black Horse pulled north and the rider carried a wave that controlled the trade. Capitalism (Black cow-voice?)

White and black riders joined the west and ended up in Europe. Democracy. And in our days, we can see how a battle has arisen between fascist countries in the East and democracy in the West.


Gogs war. North of Israel there is an enemy (Russia) who, together with Iran and enumerating countries in Ezekiel 38-39, will gather in southern Lebanon to march into Israel only to meet the wrath of the Lord in the Armageddon Valley. What triggers Gog's war is the growing hatred of the Jews, and one day Iran will entice Hamas and Hezbollah to send their 100,000 missiles, something that Israel cannot possibly stop. But the Lord will then trigger a delayed earthquake that will reverse the entire MÖ conflict.

And if the earthquake occurs southeast of Cyprus, the tsunami that hits the southern coast of Turkey will throw the country into a civil war, where the western part, Galatia, is returned to Greece. The tsunami also fills Gaza's tunnels with salt water and destroys Hamas' weapons stockpile.

The same earthquake can cause the Rock Mosque to collapse into the mosque that has been excavated underneath. And down in Egypt, the Aswan Dam collapses, and when the Nile meets the tsunami in the Nile Delta, Cairo turns into a swamp for 40 years, according to the prophecies.

Dan. 8: 1–14. At the end of time, an invincible "Ram" emerges, but Iran's dream of the Caliphate is shattered by the "Goat", Greece / NATO / EU.

Through his death and resurrection, the antichrist is elected messiah by the world and the Jews, and he will reign in the temple for 1290 days. The sanctuary will now be trampled for 2300 days, then the temple will be restored, cleansed by the Jews 45 days before the end.


Zechariah 6: 6 And he cried unto me, and said, Behold, they that go toward the north country have quieted my spirit in the north country. (* or find any faith?)

Only Scandinavia is called the Nordic region as a country and the question now is whether England, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Åland and Finland want to become a Lord's spiritual light for the whole world within NATO. Pray for the Nordics.

If our people, all with crosses on our flags, repent and seek the Lord, then he will bless us and let our land rest.