The final countdown, the last ½ + 7 years om our end time. 11 July 2021

It is difficult to compress such a large topic as the end time until the Messiah arrives. However, without making it completely incomprehensible, references and events that do not affect the schedule have been deleted. The "T" for Tribulation has 2520 days. 

Part 1. Before the time of the temple. In Jesus' day, the father sets a wedding date, but if God seems to hesitate, it may be because with every day and hour that passes, someone mor will be saved. All 10 of those who waited thought they were ready, but the lukewarm are not yet ready to leave this earth and face Jesus in the sky.

Daniel. 9: 20–27. 490 years shall pass until the king comes, but after 483 years the prince who rode into Jerusalem will be killed. Remaining 7 years = 2520 days are Jacob/Israel's trial, until the Messiah comes.

Daniel. 12:11-13. "Blessed are those who survive until day 1335, and for 1290 days the antichrist shall be standing in the temple." The number "1335", cast away by many is the cornerstone that gives us times in "T".  (2520 – 1335 = day 1185.) On this day, a leader will be mortally wounded, but when he was miraculously healed, he is now celebrated by all as the messiah. The Jews will now leave the temple and in moves the throne + statue of the antichrist is reigning until day 2475 (=1185 + 1290). But on that day the Jews will throw out the idol and purify the temple, time; 45 days before the end.  

The temple will be entered by heathens for 2300 days. And 2475 – 2300 = day 175, this is the day when the red heifer is sacrificed and the temple is inaugurated. If it takes 7–11 months to build the temple, will the construction start about 1/2 years before the Tribulation.

Day 1 is still unknown, but under the entire construction it warns us that the time is short. The same warning prompted the people who saw Noah move animals and provisions into the Ark, but the people did not care until it started to rain.

Hosea. 6 "We have sinned! The Lord will punish us for two days, but on the third day He will establish us." God hears prayer, but one day is 1000 years for the Lord. The Jews were exiled for 2000 years and now 1000 years of peace is to come. (estimate; from Jesus death, year 32 + 2000 - 7 years = year 2025, and if year 1948 + averages age 70 to 80 years = year 2028)

Ezekiel. 38–39 Demon Prince Gog, with people from Magog (Turkey), Meshek/Tubal, (South-Russia) and Persia (Iran), as well as armies from several named Arab countries, all close around Israel, will now come together in southern Lebanon to rob, divide and destroy Israel. Since armies from Africa have to sail to Lebanon, it means that an earthquake has caused an ocean in southern Egypt (Assuan Dam) had overflown and turned the Nile into marshland for 40 years. The tsunami fills Hamas tunnels with seawater and turns Gaza into a wasteland, and the mosque collapses into the cavity that Palestinians have dug out underneath.

Acts 21:30-40 Roman soldiers went from their castle down to the temple courtyard, and because the Messiah is expected to ride in through the Golden Gate, the Sultan Suleyman had it bricked up again in 1541. 

   Now that Palestinians are fleeing Gaza, will Hamas, Hezbollah and Golan jihadists make one last war by send 150,000 missiles towards Israel, but the IDF will destroy all their ramps in a swift counterattack. In retaliation, Gog's army now enters the valley, Armageddon, but old Arab wrongs cause them to suddenly start killing each other. (Gideon had 300 soldiers (cooks) standing on the mountaintop when they awakened 120,000 enemies with battle cry and in great confusion the enemy soldiers began to kill each other.)

   With Gog's war, the Lord wants to remind the world that he will now preserve Israel. Iran sends now a missile towards Jerusalem, but God lets the bomb end up in the valley of Armageddon. The clean-up of the valley suggests that an A-bomb has been used because the remaining bones should lie untouched for 7+7 months and then buried. And if the gas rig in the Mediterranean is destroyed, the leftover of material in the valley will last for 7 years.

  Part 2. Temple Time, day 175. Daniel 8. The loss at Armageddon infuriates Iran/Persia and "The Ram" attacks the former friends and no one can stop it, but then "The Goat" (Greece-Javan) shows up and crushes the Ram, and he will then give all power to Antichrist.

When the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) and the Bride have been picked up, God's sends new helper the 144,000 witnesses to complete Jesus' mission of preaching to all the people of the earth.  

Probably it happens on the day of the temple opening, and in pairs they go out and no power can stop them. When their mission is completed, they are lifted up on day 1183, because on day 1185 the false prophet, false messiah, and Satan take over the temple. 

In less than a month, and with the false Antichrist in the temple, Satan believes he has finally taken all power, but on the day 1211 (2475 –4 –1260), two annoying witnesses emerge. Day and night, Moses and Elijah stand by the Wailing Wall, accusing everyone for 1260 days, and then lying dead 3 1/2 days. But on the day 2475, they will arise as Jesus did and they are lifted up into the sky. Their "truth telling’s" are very much hated so their deaths trigger a wild celebration all over the earth, only to be turned into great panic at their resurrection. The miracle creates a “Jesus revival” among all Jews, and in holy courage they go into the temple and purify it.

25% of the world's population die in the first 1260 days. When Satan takes over the power, he divides the world into ten regions and demands that everyone be marked with 666. But at the same time God begins to warn the world with the seven seals, trumpet and with emptying the bowls of wrath.

Zechariah 6 and Rev. 6. Previously, the world was ruled by godless kings, but now the seeds are to grow godless opinions. Carriage 1; Red horse headed east. The rider carried a long sword that removes all peace on earth, communism. Carriage 2; Black horse headed north. The rider carried a scale that controls all food prices, capitalism in a black suit. Carriage 3; White horse headed west. The rider received a victory wreath and a bow (no arrows) and he rides out as if to win. False church-religion. Carriage 4. Spotted/pale yellow, in original text Green horse. The rider is called Death, he carries a short sword with power to kill another 25% of the people, and those who follow him are not afraid to die. These are the four winds of heaven (evil spirits) that go out before the lord of the earth (Satan).

Zechariah 5. Flying Book roll (5x10 m) is the curse that goes out on the earth and those who do not obey the law are exterminated, given no mercy, and their house is corroded from within. 

Towards the end, rivers dry up and three kings from the east, with 200 million soldiers, attack the antichrist, but three demons make them change their mind and head for Israel.  

Day 2520. The Messiah came and defeat the Antichrist. Satan is imprisoned for 999 years.

Rev. 20:4 Throne chairs are set up and those who sat on the thrones were given the right to judge. Court of Jesus; The humble, the sheep, go to the right of the throne, but those who rail against God's Word and have taken the mark of 666, they are goats, go to the left. The 144,000 witnesses sing songs in a language that only Deity can understand, they are also Jesus' "chosen judges" who, impartially, without relatives on earth, can judge us humans fairly. Because there are "sheep" who behave like egotistical “goats” and they are judged accordingly, as well as there are goats that selflessly help the sheep, Jews and Christians in surviving, keeping their faith and fighting the antichrist.

In addition, there seems to be seven free areas on earth fighting the Antichrist, and the North, with crosses on the flags, should be one such area.

The most important thing about the Agenda is that when we reach day 1185 and see how the Antichrist sets up the statue in the temple, then we know exactly the number of days left to count down until the Messiah arrives. This is the hope we see in the tunnel, because without hope no one can live. When we see half the congregation being lifted up and how the Lord is dealing with Iran and all the enemies around Israel, then we no longer live by faith alone, but now we know firmly that the Bible is telling the truth and that the end is very near.

 But there are those who are entangled, have hearts of stone and do not want to see what is happening in the world, and even after when the bowls of wrath are emptied of humanity, they do not want to believe, but they curse everything and everyone.

For the doubters, the obstinate who refuse to choose sides, there can their good deeds save them, if they survive the Tribulation, in order to have second chance in the millennium to make a better decision.

 In the end of the thousand years Satan will be unleashed and he will deceive all those whose ego has a heart of stone, and there will be many who then rebel against the Messiah even though they know what the end will be. Strange, but true.