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 Wellcome to this new uppgraded book: Seventeen Years Week - a mystery? An exposé from Creation to the Tribulation. Prelude

 An exposé from the Creation to the Tribulation

The Prelude                                                                                       updatat 18 november 2018

  In the year of 2013 I wrote a book in Swedish called “The seventy years week - a quest!“ as an answer to the many questions I got about the Tribulation. But when I realized that many of those that were left behind had no knowledge of what the Bible has to say about the end time and the roll that the Jews have at that time, then I let the books messages expanded to present the whole story from the early beginning and to the end time. God has always a plan, and when mankind does not comply, and they tend to get carried away in their own search for happiness, Gods has an alternated solution. Many authors have written about the end time or tribulation, but the problem is that the world is changing all the time and some of their messages are now out of date, because Israel is now a state with Jerusalem as their capital. And these new facts make the history in need of a new interpretation.

For many years’ priests have presented a message that does not take account of all the prophecy’s, because they say that some facts do not fit in their own idea and in their wishes to control the listeners, and as result many people have been fooled by their false preaching. It was at this time I found out and got interested in these small odd prophecies’ that I call Cornerstones, and I found out that without these small information’s the whole messages could be wrong. I found out that these cornerstones are like Jesus parable’s given to all mankind, but not all will understand them. But you cannot throw away a massage just because you do not like it. This small cornerstone will sometimes give you a new direction and in that way give you the answer you were searching for. And the priest treated Jesus as a cornerstone when they rejected him.

 Following stories from the Bible will give you a clue of what I am trying to tell you.

 Book of Judges 6-7 Gideon had only 32 000 soldier and he was now facing an army of 120 000 hatful midjanite’s soldiers. But the Lord told him that his army was too large and he must let all those that were afraid to go home. When there were 10 000 left the Lord told Gideon to let them go to drink water at the creek. Those who did like an animal should go home, but those 300 soldiers who drank by bringing the water up to the lips should remain, and were told to meet Gideon in the middle of the night carrying with them empty pots of clay to hid lit torches in. But they took with them some food in a small bag. Why, and who were these soldiers? They were the army cooks with no interest in going to war. The Lord knew this, but the 300 were chosen because he wanted to tell the people of Israel that it is not in their own might that they are going to win this war, but in the Lords name. In the end time of the Tribulation this same situation will occur, but this time the Jews will put their trust in their own military strength, and that is why 2/3 of the Jews, not trusting in the Lord, will die bravely in their last resistance. But the remaining flock will with one voice all call for help to Lord Jesus, the Messiahs, and He will then come down to save them.

Daniel Hill  


  Before 1970 most of the people in Sweden knew that neither a word nor a sentence in the Bible are to be changed, but after the start of the political 68-left-wing movement and they began the downgrading of Christianity in schools, churches and in public service, the swedes has now become illiterate in the knowledge of what the Bible is all about, especial the Old Testament. And the situation is so bad that the socialistic regime will now accept all of Arafat's historical claims, such as it was the Palestinians and not the Jews that lived in Israel at the birth of Jesus, nor was it the Jews but the Palestine’s (or rather philistines) that 1500 BC marched out of Egypt with Moses as their leader. This insult, that they themselves never would have accept, they can say well aware of that the Christians are not terrorists that will hits back. Arafat’s fake news is now the good news, a Palestinian gospel. And this explains why the political left today no longer can see anything wrong, a racism, in divided the nation of Israel in two part, and that this small country now will be impossible even for the Jews to defend. This means that Hitler’s wishes to erase all Jews from the map will now happen, and maybe this could also be the left’s well-hidden and shameful intention why they turned Israel into a ghetto. When you compare Nazism, atheism and the communist there are but a small difference in their purpose and methods.

Deuteronomy 30: 2-3  ”Then shall the LORD, your God, make an end of your (Israel's) captivity, and gather thee from all the nations where He has scattered you.”

 In the beginning there were no chapter and verses noted in the Bible, because they are put there to help us to find any sentence and messages in the Bible. If you count all sentence in the Bible from the beginning up to number 5708, and compare it with the Jewish year 5708, it will be the same as our year 1948. You will then find out that the text by pure luck is talking about the return of the Jews from all the people of Earth to their homeland of Israel. Was is it just a fluke or is this a hidden part of God’s plan to be revealed at the end time?

  Following part will give you an understanding why odd Bible verses can give us a further insight into the puzzle of the prophecies. One of the most hopeful verses in the Bible is also the most asked about. "When will the bride (Christians) be lifted up in the sky?" The Bible answer to us is: “Nobody knows!” Even Jesus admits it that he doesn't know the answer, which is a strange claim when Father and Son are as ONE, so ... why?

  Genesis chapter 6-7 In the time of Noah, the evildoers on earth had become such a great problem that the perpetrators (in Hebrew = chamas) could now do any evil they wish to do without any fear of being judged or punished.

  On God's assignment Noah began to build a great ship and when the animals had gathered themselves all around the boat, the Lord told Noah: “Now take you and your family aboard, for I will, in seven days, close the gate.” This was a relief for Noah to hear because he would probably have the strength not to open up the gate for any relatives when the rain started to fall. And the extra weight with hundreds of people on board the Noah’s Ark would have turned over. When the Lord says seven days, he also means just seven days, and not perhaps six or eight. A thought to keep in mind for later on. The next clue is that we have today the violent terror state Hamas in Gaza whose only goal is to annihilate the Jews, and they are as violent as the Chamas were in Noah’s days, and no one can explain why these people at so filled up with hatred, that death seem to be like a sporting event in the west, something cheering for. And how do you meet or handle a terror group that welcomes death? 

   When the Jews marched out of Egypt, they were about 2 million people, plus animals, so it would have taken a long time and with many loud shouts to start up and to stop the caravan. But Moses was educated the way of Egypt’s and he used trumpet signals to coordinate the people’s movements, as the sounds of reveille to prepare them for breaking camp, and a tattoo to stop and make camp. In our days the short burst of sound warns us of danger, and the slow sound signals to us that danger over, just like the bird’s signal to each other’s.

   When Joshua was leading the Jews along east side of the Jordan River up to Jericho, he sent two spies into the city to search out their weaknesses. When the two men was hunted by the soldiers, a women innkeeper Rahab, hid the two up on the roof under bunches of leaves and branches. Afterwards they asked her why and she explained to them that the news of the coming Jews great army had spread throughout all of Canaan and everybody knew by now that as long their God was with the Jews, nobody could defeat them. To her plea not to be killed the two spies told her that if she hangs up a scarlet ribbon on the doorpost, then everyone in that house would be saved. This sign was well known to all Jews, because it was the same sign Moses told them to use in Egypt, when the blood of a lamb was painted on doorposts telling the Angel of Death to walk on by. This women Rahab and her family was saved and it turns out that she is later mentioned in Jesus lineage. The whole Bible is full of similar tales and looking from underneath and up it is like a tapestry with all the thread endings in a chaos, but from Gods side form up above the Lord will behold a cloth in making into a beautiful picture.    


     Bride and groom, and the final countdown. On the question “When will it happen?” Jesus gives us several examples. Parable of the Figtree. “When the Figtree blooms (and it is one of the last trees that blooms in Israel, but it is also a symbol of Israel) then you will know that the summer is near. But how many flowers will make a summer; 1, 50 or 800? In Sweden we know the first day summer came after that we have had five days with temperature, night and day, above plus 10 degrees. With these example Jesus is telling us that any searching for the final date is useless, and we should use our time for searching those fact that are good for us to find. The priest treated Jesus as a useless cornerstone with no place to put him. But it is these cornerstones I find many small information that has been hidden from the world and Christianity for many years.

 In Scandinavia we can only in retrospect name the summer day when, only after that five days have passed away with the temperature’s night and day above 10+ degrees. In another parable, Jesus also speaks about 10 maiden that were waiting for the bridegroom's arrival, but when times lingered, they all fell asleep. When the shout was heard that the groom was coming, they all stood up and made themselves ready, but five maidens had to run back to buy more oil for their lamps. When the five returned they found out that the wedding procession had both come and gone, and their chance to join the wedding was lost. It’s a sad story but it tells us something important about the end time.

   In Jewish tradition the father decides when the bride is to be brought home, so when Jesus says that he does not know the time “when”, and only the Father knows it, then this tells us something more about the Father. That He wants to linger on for that final decision as long as possible, so that as many people as possible will be saved before the trumpet sounds and the Bride (all the believers) are taken home. Think of a cup filled up to the brim with water. Whom of us can say when the next drop will fall in the cup and make it to overflow? The Father could have told his Son that he is free to choose any day to take his bride home, but our heavenly Father loves us all, and he wants to give all of us a last chance to turn back, to make that final choice in time.

  In Noah's days, everything living on earth died, who were not on board the Ark, and in our days, we are now talking about that maybe close to half of all Christians could be left behind? But even then, God’s love has made an exception, because the "five maidens left behind" will now enter the Tribulation and all of the words in the Bible that they previously had doubted, such as Jesus is the Son of God and there will come a judgment day, they now know are true. And now it is up to themselves to keep their new faith, truth, alive to survive the next 7 years of the Tribulation to reach the final countdown and to go on living in the Millennium. And to help all those that were left behind they will have the support of 144 000 Jewish witnesses, all are chosen by God to spread his Gospel all over the whole Earth. Many will at that time become believers and they will all come together in remote places to help each other to stand firm in surviving and waiting for that day when Messiahs comes.

    Problem in peoples reasoning. If the rapture occurs in the middle of the Tribulation, all Christian believers would at that time have recognized the coming of Antichrist, and they would all do as Peter in Gethsemane, whom pleaded with God and demanding that he must stop his plan of letting Jesus die on the cross. But as little as Jesus wanted to stop his coming death on the cross, it is the Father willing to stop the oncoming tribulation, because these seven last years are the ending of six thousand years, years that Satan could roam and rule at his will on this earth. Without the tribulation, the walking through the valley of the shadows of death, there will be no coming of thousand years with world peace and the Messiahs, king of Kings, sitting on the thrown in Jerusalem. Psalm 23

  There are prophecies saying that in the time of Tribulation it will be as it was in the time of Jesus, years of 32 AD, and this means that there will be in our days a new third temple with all the rituals of the old Jewish offerings, but it also means as it was the day before the Pentecost and before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Someone has made this guessed that if all Christians today, and it could be as many as one billion people, would in earnest appeal to God to stop the Antichrist coming, then the Lord has only one solution left to do, namely to take home everybody called to the wedding feast, because they are in the way of Gods plans.

2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7 Here it mentioned that a something, and Him, is hindering for Antichrist to arrival, and I believe that these are all those people anointed with the Holy Spirit.  

 There are also many Christians who believes that the Rapture will takes place at the end of the Tribulation, when Messiah’s is coming down to take his stand on the Mount of Olives. But at this time Messiah is coming down to defeat and imprison Satan, and He would then be in a difficult choice when he halfway down meets His precious Bride on their way up to the Wedding Feast, when Jesus himself is in that same time on a rescuer mission to save the Jews in Jerusalem. But some people will now argue and say that the Lord will protect the Bride under the first half of Tribulation, but even this thought is absurd, because when hailstorm and others of nature disasters comes falling down, then the evildoers only will have to pick any person who has the Lord's protection and use this person or child as an umbrella, as a human shield. And Palestine’s Hamas in Gaza has shown us in their many wars with the Jews, that this is a normal practice for them to do.

And at last we have the question of all the little children, from unborn up to maybe 11 years old, for Jesus was counted as an adult at the age of 12. Will all children also be lifted up?

   Conclusion. Every 6 months the president of USA must sign a paper stating that because of certain circumstance, such as fear of increasing terrorism, the president cannot move the US embassy to Jerusalem. This signing has gone on for 25 years, until president D Trump decided that being nice to the Arab world had not given the Americans any favor, instead it have given USA terror and suicide bombings, making his own people that much poorer.

 For 3 500 years the world had known, heard from the church podium that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and from the birth of Jesus Christ songs have been composed and sung all over the world. And by this the world have known that the land belongs to the Jews, facts that are both historical and archaeological established. Even the first Muslims recognized at seventh century had recognized that the land belonged to the Jews and the people of the Books, the Christians. That was until Arafat 1300 years later decided that he now is a Philistine, and a relative to Goliath, living in 1050 BC, and that the whole area now belongs to the Arabs. And with one pen stroke he has declared that all the teachings int the Bible are now a false religion. The mystery is that even the churches in West do not protest to this fact that he has made fun of God Almighty, God the Father and the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And also, the fact that this land has for 2000 years both in maps and books, it is known as the Holy Land hundreds of years before the Muslims became a religion. And that nobody has protested to these facts until Arafat in the year of 1970 suddenly declared it so. But all of those who now believed in Arafat’s fake news they will one day know that they have been deceived on that day the when Jesus meets his Bride in the sky just before and in the very beginning of the Tribulation. But until then, we all will have to make ourselves ready for the coming of that day.   

   Nostradamus. The internet is full of self-taught and self-appointed "prophets" whom all assures us that they are right, but all of their predictions in times and of coming events will be proven wrong, and the Bible warns us not to listen when they say; “Don’t you worry.” In the latter days, false prophets will try lead you astray with predictions that are always politically correct and based upon a few and falsely translated bible verses.

Epistle of Jude: v 18-23 There will come mockers into the church that are no more than benchwarmers, only thinking of themselves. They will create trouble in their reasoning of speeches and think of only themselves. These are false prophets, and there will be a heavy stone for them on to carry on the judgement day, for they have distorted God’s prophecies. 


 Democracy. In addition to the definition in encyclopedia, there are many who agree to this that democracy also applies to the talk of equals in dignity and rights, freedom of opinion and of expression, that everyone is equal before the law and free choice for the people. This tells us that most of the Arabs and communist countries are undemocratic, when their elected leaders often tried to change their lands constitution so they can remain sitting as tyrants elected for lifetime, because power is in the long time as a poison to the mind. The Bible says there is no difference between man and woman, Jews or gentiles, slave or free, for all of us are created equal to God, and from these few words we in west have built up our democracy. "But what keeps the democracy alive?" The Bible says; "The truth, for the truth shall make all people free." When a country's chosen leaders’ fiddle with the truth then their politics becomes like a butterfly, dancing in the summer but when winter and hard times comes, they will leave their nation in a chaos from where corruption and inflation spreads out like a plague and the people are treated like dirt. At the same time, these leaders say that their opinions must not be criticized, and thus making their own party to be like a sect, led by an almighty dictator. All politicians must plan ahead to ensure the nation’s future, prosperity and a life in peace with other countries. Their policy should also be critical to the new sources and practice foresight, and in discussion draw up worst scenarios in the search for dangers that are hidden under the surfaces, before making any decisions. When the Swedish premier minister Lofven ruled that the 2-state partition of Israel was the best solution for everlasting peace of the  Middle East, the journalist should have question him about what prejudice and hidden agenda his party members had that governed this their choices of policy that lets the Palestine’s to be treated like spoiled rich children in letting them get everything they wanted to have, while Israel becomes the worlds scapegoat for everything that remotely looks like and can go wrong. So, consider this:

  1. In the UN, there are about 50 Arab nations that always opposing to any form of compromise with the Jews, and they say this constantly in media that they will one day wipe out the state of Israel. Until 2005, Israel was in favor to the idea with a peaceful 2-state solution, but this hope of peace was lost on that same day when Arafat from UN got control over Gaza and only few days later started to shoot missiles into Israel. So, to protect the lives of its own people, Israel told Arafat that a wall will be built, even against the UN will, and at the same time the number of deaths among the Jews fell to almost zero. UN demanded that the wall should be demolished, but why, could it be because they wished that the number of killings should be more equal on both sides? And then the world wonders why Israel have stopped to listen and follow the UN many bias resolutions!? If you asking a Muslim or swede; How long time ago it was when the Gaza wall was built? They will answer, maybe year 1948 or a time long before that as in 1920. This shows how efficient Arafat has manipulated the world, but the apartheid wall was built in 2012 and is now covering only about 10 % of the whole border.
  2. When Abbas realized that Israel no longer could be defeated militarily, he changed his tactics and began to accused Israel of being warmongers, especially when the Jews would not agree to many of his impossible demands made before the opening of any negotiations. Demands that basically says that it was Israel that had lost all wars, because the Palestinians are still living in the area, and therefore Israel must humble themselves and bow to Arafat's many whims and pay tribute to their people (read leaders). Black is now white and a lie is now the truth, just as the Bible prophesies predicted.
  3. PM Lofven’s 2-state solution speaks of an eternal peace in the area, but then he takes this for granted that all Muslims nations around Israel’s border would on that same day suddenly turn around and also in their minds now be fond of the Jews, and … that all school books will now include and name the state of Israel on all maps. The problem is that Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and others Muslim nations are saying; “No, no, no, this will never happen!" In Syrian there are left about 30 000 extremes, ISIS and caliphate jihadists fighting in the cities, and along the Syria's border, at Golan, there are in hiding about 3 000 terrorists, in the midst of 120 000 refugees. Terrorist that are all waiting and wanting to cross over Jordan River, on that day when UN makes Israel turn over all controls of the water border to Abbas. On that day hordes of Islamists will rushes in to seek asylum and turn over all of West bank into a military camp. But they will not, as the left politicians believes, cross Jordan river to start plowing the fields nor to worship, instead they will attack Jerusalem and turn the city into a bloodbath among all the Jews, while they themselves will in their own death earn the joys of martyrdom. This is what will happen and the jihadist have promised in a new caliphate in Jerusalem. With all Islamists, Hezbollah, Taliban’s and many other terrorists from nations all around Israel, plus the 2 million Palestinians who are now already living in Israel, when they all will together embark on the bloodiest holy civil war in the history and kill all Jews, women and children. And Lofven’s sweet dream of a peaceful two state solution will go down in history as the beginning of the Jews second holocaust and be a most bloody annihilation.
  4. On that same day this strange situation could arise. Would the Swedish left politicians give all the fleeing Jews open doors to seek asylum in Sweden, because it is their country, the half of Palestine that Lofven had promised to them, that do not longer exist? Hitler said; "When the world does not want to rescue any Jewish refugees, this tells me one thing that they are with me in my final solution, to kill them all." The Swedish year 68-leftpoliticians-movement came up with an anti-Christianity policy that is still in use today by the government, and that above future scenario is quite possible to happen. But the lefties do have one small wish, that the Lord will once again turn his back on the Jews. But that want happened because the time for the gentiles is over and the time for the Jews are coming, waiting in the entrance.
  5. When the antisemitism and persecution increases, more Jews will choose to move back to Israel and more settlements must then be built. And if another 3 – 4 million Jews were forced to return home, then that small Israel nation will soon become a ghetto, and then Israel must do as all the other Arab countries already have done. They had emptied their lands of all the Jews and Christians, in shouting; “Finally, we are now free of the dirty Jews!” Oddly enough, UN believes that this act against the Jews in an Arab nation is not called to be an apartheid movement because the wrongdoers are now Muslims.
  6. In all the wars against Israel the people in Gaza have lost a little bit more of their freedom, and import of el-, water and all necessetives of life. Even though Gaza has a border to Egypt is it more tightly closed than the one towards Israel. The saying that you should not cut the branch you at sitting on do not exist i the muslim world, because even the USA presiden Trump is now losing his trust in finding any form of peace with the arab world.   

 Background.  The prophecies and the history in the Bible and other its fact is constantly questioned and have often been challenged by this world’s wise men, only to be contradicted by archaeological excavations that in our days constantly confirm that the Bible was right, both historically, geological and in artifacts. This tells us that the Bible is far more reliable than any other religious explanations of similar truths. When Jesus told the lame man; "Your sins are forgiven," the priests protested, saying to themselves, that forgiving of sins can only be done by God. Jesus asked them; "What is easier to say, your sins are forgiven or lift up your bed and walk?" The priests reasoned between them and they realized that forgiving of sins is easy to say but impossible to prove, but if the lame man suddenly could walk that must be a miracle of God’s that everybody could see. Jesus then proved to them that he was the Son of God by saying: "My son, stand up, pick up your bed and go home!" The same thing can be said about the credibility of the Bible. If the Bible is but a fairytale then you should find many false facts in the book, and that would in turn prove that everything else are also untrue. And for this same reason dare the politicians not put other religions the same question of facts, because it could proof that those gods were all false. And for the same reason do other religions lay low in their telling us about the future, in opposite to what the Bible do when it is completely fearless in presenting many prophecies that in our days are now being fulfilled. 

   Because it now has become increasingly difficult to attack the Bible's many claims and it is physically impossible to hurt an unseen God, the 68-left-movement's politicians have changed their focus and are now attacking God's chosen people, the Jews, with different organizations like the BDS. Why? Since the Jews' authority is based on the fulfillment of prophecies, the racist new tactic is now to prevented any of the prophecies to become fulfilled, for if this would happen then God has in their opinion lost the war of people’s souls. This, and in addition to cut up Israel’s land, there are prophecies of the Bible with a straightforward information about a glorious future for Israel and in turn a pale grim coming for the rest of the world. The evolutionist and atheist are now making their own well-calculated daily forecast, that they must change from time again to make them more political corrected. This is especially true when journalist and politicians use their misty painted eyeglasses in reading the Bible, and that they daily must adjust everything that is not politically correct. And to change facts of history is common to do in all fascist and autocrat regimes, when they rewrite of all facts with fake news to fit their warped view of the world.

   When U.S. president Trump talks about fake news, the media often goes banana in counter attack instead of checking out how their own news claims are true. Democracy is based on the absolute true truth in everything that is said and written, and democracy can only survive in countries where the whole truth, and nothing but the truth can prevail. The Prophet Daniel writes in his final chapter that in the latter days people will prefer the lies before the truth, they will have become resistant to all certainties, and they will oppose and hunt down all people whom are searching for the truth, but … to all those that do search, they will in turn gain an increasing knowledge of the true future. 

Back to the question, what evidence area found that proves God exist? Throughout the times leaders with great power, have put this question to different kinds of people, even servant, probably because they from time to time gets a bad feeling of that there is something or somebody higher up that is not to be ignored. And one servant answer was; The Jews! 

  In 1921 BC God made a covenant with Abraham, and He gave him this promise that one day his people will be great, and for that reason he must go to the new homeland God had chosen for him in Canaan’s land. But it would take over 400 years of imprisonment in Egypt before his people one day could claim that land as their own.   

     After 470 years the Jews was now so many that they could march up into Canaan’s land and receive the gift that God has given them, and in 3 500 years the Jews had lived in their land and been true to the faith to their God. But people are like children in over-all, they do stray from their faith in the true God when they are tempted to worship other countries false gods, and after many warnings they God did as punishment let them lose control over the land or many, but not all of them, could be taken as slaves far away to another country.

2 Chronicles 7:14 But if my peoples (Jews), which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land.

  This tells us that how far the Jews had strayed away, this was Gods promise to the Jews, and He can not take it back. God knew they would fail, like everybody else do from time to time, but God could also forgive and make all right again. If God was nothing else but a funny figure, like Santa Claus, trolls or fairies that children believes in and then forgets when the grow up, then why do atheist, communist and other religion make so much problem and to persecute the Jews? And why do they not persecute all other religions that worship stones or popstars? The Jews have lived in many years under great hardships, with daily threats of being killed, and yet, the are still there. And it was told that when they reach the end of this world, then the Jews will turn around and come back to Israel. For many years ago, a Jew went into the city of Patagonian, as far south you can come in South America, and from that day God has called the Jews to come home. And if they did want to, then God will make then to go home, even with the help of the world with their antisemitism. So, by hating the Jews the world is unaware of their speeding up to the final countdown at Armageddon.

During their time wandering around the world the Jews were not allowed to own houses or land, that left it for them to choose vocation that are in demand everywhere and easy to take with them when the peoples in the country got jealous and make their rulers to cast the Jews out. And by making the Jews to be businessmen and to be well educated, they could now survive everywhere, and prosper if given the chance. The Jews area accused for taking over the whole world, but it was the world that made the Jews to such a skilled businessman, when the currency the world would gladly accept is gold, diamonds and skills like doctor, dentist and   tailors. And when the world chased the Jews to all places of the face of the world, that means they had kindships everywhere. But under no circumstances the Jews had taken another peoples country beyond the boarders God has given them. But in all the countries that had treated the Jews well God has also been good to the people, and when the country had mistreated the Jews, then God has taken away his blessings to that country.

Why do people hate the Jews?  Because the world realized deep inside that God is real and they are plain jealous of not themselves had been the chosen one. But in looking back, what country wants to change places with the Jews 2000 years long history of being hated so much? Ata the same time the world cannot be happy with the future promising from other religions, with total obedience or a state of nothingness. And why are the world’s leaders in war with a God they say don’t exist, fighting and killing people that are for the most peaceful citizens? The Bible says that the world is in Satan reign, and he does not care if he leaves the glob in a state of ongoing war and the nature in chaos. Pharaoh was the same evil person that hate everybody that is against him, even if they were right. Motto; Me, and no one else counts! And those who knows that story will remember that it took many plagues to take down his pride and ego. And all of these plagues will now hit the earth as a punishment for all the evil the world has done to the Jews.

Honor and insults. We hear in the mews that a hastily said word can kill you if you are in the wrong country, specially if you are a nonbeliever, but even devote Muslim’s can get stoned if they do not know the right judges. In a corrupt nation this practice with short verdicts and there is no tie to search after the truth, this railroading of verdicts can be used to get rid of a person that stands in the way, by the use of a lynch mob screaming out fake news without thinking. Which will always lead to murder for saving their face. This is the mark of a nation with no respect for the truth, and the first sign is the danger of losing the free speech.

In some nations the leaders can not be told that they are losing a war, because it will assume that their god is weak. But sometimes their “god” can make a statement by letting for the time being a small war to go wrong, but seven war with no win is impossible, and yet …?  And it is now fake news are used to fool the citizens by not giving them the truth and lulling them into a fanatic state of mind that if they are persistence enough the will win, if god so will. That is why any peace talk and compromising is out of question, because why give in when you know you are winning. But in the question of Gaza it would mean that God in a compromise has to go against his own spoken word, prophecies, and Satan could then call him a liar. Satan’s motto is; Honor is everything and the truth is overrated, so kill everyone that is against you. And Satan will use the fact that God is all love and merciful, as he did in the Garden of Eden by saying; “Did God really tell you, Eve, that you will die if you eat of any fruit?” God told Adam this when Eve was not around, and He told Adam the name of that specified tree. And these are the same methods Satan use by saying that God is all love and, in the end, all will go to heaven, suggesting that even he will one beautiful day be invited to heaven. He could have if Satan could change his nature in always trying to compete with God, but Satan will never make a change of heart and therefore will he and all of those who are his followers be forbidden to enter because once again in heaven they would all very soon turn it into a new hell. And that is why any conflict between the world and the Bible believers will go on and on until we are all in the Tribulation believing on their own way on until the judgment day.

Revelation chapter 8-10 Before the judgment is made and the punishments are carried out, int the seven years of tribulation, there has been in the first three years many deaths, counted up to ¼ (25 %) of all mankind caused by war and earthquake, sickness and catastrophic weather conditions.

The book scrolls with SEVES SEALS: The four apocalyptic horses are released, they have been here as four aims in life, but now the four will have a greater compact on all our ways of life.

  1. 1. White horse = to the ride was given a crown, and in his hand, he carried a bow, bur no arrows (symbolizing a false religion, catholic church). 2. Red horse = the ride carried a long sword in his hand and was given power to take away the peace on earth (symbolizing Communism). 3. Black horse = the ride had a pair of balances in his hand, to control the prices of wheat and oil (men in black suits, Capitalism) 4. Green horse = the rides name was Death and Hell followed him, and he had the power to kill ¼ of human race. (the horse is really green, but the first bible translators thought John was speaking of real horsed and changed the color from GREEN to pale as in death, symbolizing a religion who kills people with a short sword.) 5. The beheaded martyrs that was slaughter in the Tribulation and are now waiting under the alter calls out; “Lord how long shall we wait for Your revenge?” They were all given white robes and were told to be still for a little while longer. (Martyrs that had taken their own life their souls are not here.) 6. Great earthquake hits the globe, the sun turns black, moon turns red, the coastlines are changed in great tsunamis, and people run to hide in caves. 7. Seven angels with seven trumpets, steps forwards, and golden censers was filled with incense from the alter, and the angel threw it out over the earth.

Seven trumpets:  1. Fire and hailstone falls and destroys 1/3 of the greens on earth. 2. A big stone was cast in the sea and 1/3 of the water was turned into blood, and it kills 1/3 of all living in the sea and all the ships was sunk. 3.  A great burning star called Wormwood falls on earth and 1/3of all lakes and streams were poisoned. 4.  A 1/3 of the sun, moon and the stars were darkened ,1/3 of all light was gone and an eagle flew over the earth and he called out “Woe, woe, woe!” Beware when the last of the trumpet shall sound.  5. A bright star comes down from heaven (an angle) carrying a key, and he opens the abyss, which was filled with locust like tings that flew out and stung all the people that had taken the mark of Satan upon them, 666. They will do this for five months and the pain is unbearable, but mankind will not feel any remorse and repent their wicked ways, instead they curse the Living God. 6.  A great angel comes down carrying a small book with secrets, and he says that when the seventh trumpet is sounded the time is over.

Revelation 11:14 After that Moses and Enoch was killed and 3½ days later on they both were risen from the death, there was an earthquake and 10 % of Jerusalem was destroyed and thus ended the second Woe-cry.

(3 woe-cry) Seven angels have with them with seven bowls filled with the wrath of God. 1. The first bowl had bad abscesses that gave everybody with Satan’s mark 666 great pain. 2. The sea turned into blood and all life in the sea died. 3.  Rivers and water springs turned into blood.  4.  The sun burns the people like fire. 5. This bowls was emptied over Satan’s throne, kingdom and all was dark, pitch-black. 6. The great river Eufrat dried up, and thus opened the way for the three kings from the east to march with 200 million soldiers to fight Antichrist. 7.  The greatest earthquake ever hits the earth and Jerusalem gets divided into three parts. Many cities are destroyed, isles and coastlines are changing their lines, and 30 kilo bid hailstones crushes buildings.

Sevenths trumpet. The final battle is done and it is time to passes out judgment. Satan is put in prison for thousand years, and some of his Demon go to Hell. This is a judgment over living and it will tell us who is to live on in 1000 years kingdom of peace, or will be sentence to Hell. And the questions Jesus ask us all is; How did you treat Gods people, the Jews? 

And this I have written about in the files DAN70 part two and three.

Conclusion: When we read about all the plagues and catastrophic happenings in nature, then I ask myself, can anybody or anything survived all of this? If the sum of 3 x 7 = 21 different judgment will fall over the earth, this I too much, but if it is the same judgment told to us over and over, then ½ of the whole human race will survive. There is now an earthquake beginning to open up far south in Africa, and it could one day reach Jerusalem, on its way to Damascus. So time is short, maybe next summer, but it is coming.