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History; The birth of Jesus Christ and the final countdown. .  


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December 24th. Around year 300 AD, the roman Pope decided to persuade the church to abolish idolatry feastings at the midwinter change, at the days when the sun wins and the days turn to be longer. The heathen celebrations at this time could be very violent, bloody with human offerings, so the Pope decided to replace the cause of the celebration with a new church celebration and the choice fell upon the birth of Jesus. A priest was commissioned to find Jesus' birthday, and he soon realized that Jesus was born on the first day of Nisan, (April), the month Aviv, which was also the first day of the new year, according to old Jewish tradition. New year was at this time also celebrated in the Roman empire on April 1, and our own Christmas celebrations came in the year 500 AD. During the 16th century the New Year in west was moved to the first of January and what was left of the old April celebration is now that is called April-fools’ days.
   Start counting from the birth year, 4 BC, and from the date of 1 Nisan (April), you will get the result that Jesus was 36 years old when he died. In December, but also in autumn, it could be real cold at night, so if Jesus was born at this time you will find out that there were not many sheep outdoors at night time, nor any newborn lamb left sleeping out in the fields. The Emperor Augustus would never have chosen this time of year to force the Jewish people out on the cold rainy country roads to be taxed, especially with the only option for overnight stay in the open. So, the choice of a tax warrant fell on the New Year's Day, in April, the one day when all the Jews were on their way to celebrate their religious new year and Passover in Jerusalem.

  Luke 2. Emperor Augustus in Rome issues an order that the whole known world would be counted and taxed (that is all of the Roman Empire). At the time the birth of Jesus Christ, Quirinus was a ruling in Syria, which was the Roman name for the entire area from Damascus down to Jerusalem, and on today's map it covers West Syria and Israel, as well as that the Jordanian called the west bank of Jordan river. Joseph, who was related to the house of David, had to leave the Nazareth of Galilee and go down to the city of King David, Bethlehem. When the order was sent to all of Jews, the citizens had travel all over the country, to be taxed at the correct place of origin, which meant that the people whom had to travel slowly came to their destiny first when all the rooms at their relatives were booked. Because Mary was pregnant the two rode late into Bethlehem and there was only room for them in the stable. The text; "there was no room for them on the shelter,” could also mean shelf or ledge, and that could mean that there was no place for them on the combined stable and home, where the family was living. At this time the poorer farmhouses could have been excavated as a cave into a hillside, with the sleeping alcove furthest in. Under the sleeping ledge there was a fireplace for cooking, and the fire underneath gave the bedroom a modern floor heating. On the ground below, the floor in wintertime as a stable for the animals whose bodies also warmed up the remaining part of the space. So, when Joseph and Mary came to the poor farmer, they had to share the place with the few animals that was still in the house, and thus Mary could use the animals cradle as a bed to the baby Jesus. In the Muslim stories was Mary, the same person as Miriam, Moses and Aaron's little sister, and when Bethlehem was after the year 1970 considered to be a Palestinian city, the Muslims say that Jesus therefor must be a Palestinian. But then the Muslims disregards wittingly the fact that Moses did live at 1 500 BC, which would mean that Mary was a 1 500 years old maiden. Must be something for Guinness Record book to think about, as a world record in birth giving age. In general, Muslims states, not openly, that most of the Bible's stories and historical facts are all false news.
  Emperor Hadrian hated the Jews for their rebellious nature, so, he renamed the entire Israel-Syria area and called it now Palestine (happened about yera130 AD), after Israel's worst enemy they ever had, the Philistines. Most famous philistine was Goliath, the giant David killed with a slingshot. The Philistines were of Noah's family Ham, the Hamites, whom had wandered southwards and settled in Africa, and they were not Semites after Noah's son Sem. These philistines came from Crete and they controlled cities around the Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes they were pirates and they knew all about the latest weapons at that time. These facts made them the most brutal soldiers that the Jews had to meet in war. When Babylon concurred Israel the philistines were also defeated, and was never to be heard about until Arafat decided to make their name as his own. So most of facts Arafat put forwards are fake, such as he was a descendant of Goliath. But Arafat most erroneous historical statements were these, that it was Abraham (year 1900 BC) who build the Mosque on the temple ground, and not Herod, because he had never lived. And the prophet Mohammed lived in 600 AD, and the Dome of the Rock was built around in 700 AD.

  This means that all historical facts and kingdoms, from Moses' days until the birth of Jesus Christ were suddenly erased from the history of the world, and among these are Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar, Media-Persia Kingdom, and Alexander the Great from Greece. And Titus Triumphal Arch in Rome, showing how the Jews were defeated and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, all this had never happened according to Arafat. But it's hard to figure out what's true or false in the Palestine’s history telling, because they are changing all the time. At first, Abbas (PLO west-bank) said that Israel should repay for all the booty they brought with them out of exile in Egypt, then he changed his mind and said that it was the Palestinians whom Moses brought out of Egypt. So, when the United Nations votes for a resolution saying that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, and that Jerusalem now belongs to the Palestinian people, then the UN says at the same time that the Bible is false, that it is no longer the Word of God, and that the Qur'an now seems to give us a truer version of history. The consequence of this is that the Christians do not har a “god” worth worshiping, and to all this the Pope in Rome is silent. But the truth has an unpleasant own will to come up to the surface and on that day, the United Nations with all of the anti-Israel states will stand there to be ashamed.

Seven years periods or Shemitah.
   These notes come from an interview in Armageddon News by Pastor Sid Roth, with guest Jonathan Cahn (JC) who has researched about this thing with the number seven. Seven as in days of the Creation, when the Lord rested on the seventh day. For the Jews this means that they always should let the earth rest during the seventh year. JC also discovered what was happening around the day when Jesus was born.
  In the Vatican there are two documents about the birth of Jesus. First one, a priest found out that the day Nisan 1 was the first day of spring and the New Year's Day for the Jews until after the 70 years in Babylon, when the calendar was changed. But the Pope then decided that the days around midwinter, with the bloody worshiping of the sun god could not be stopped, so the best solution was to replace the cause of the celebration by introducing Jesus' birth on December 24th. The NT tells us that the shepherds were out all night with their sheep, which would rule out all alternative birthdays in autumn and wintertime when night temperatures could fall down to zero. Then we have the hymns that speak of the lamb of God, and lambs are usually born in spring.

  Moses told the people in Egypt, before the last sentence of Gods punishment, to choose for them a newborn lamb that would be slaughtered a few days later. The blood would then be painted on door posts over and on the sides, for then the angel of death would pass by the house. This sacrifice of the lamb would then save all firstborn in the house regardless of age and whether it was an animal or human being. Compare this with the story how Jesus rode into Jerusalem, Palm Sunday, Nisan 1, to be killed a few days later. And this strange Moses custom would spread throughout to the whole world along the trails the camel took and ended in countries, there it became a weapon against demos, such as in China with their rites to put sticky red strips upon the doorframes at New Year’s Eve.

  Nebuchadnezzar brought back with him all the Jewish scrolls with important knowledge, together with many young intelligent Jews from good families, to let them live and to be a part of Babylon's greatness. So, it happened, by the Lords will, that the prophet Daniel came to live a long life and die in Babylon, and being the wisest of all the Chaldeans (wise men) in the country, he was able to gather and document all-important scrolls that came to his desk.  

   When Jesus was born in 4 BC, they Chaldeans noticed there were several planets in a row, and the foremost of these was Jupiter, a wandering star at this time in Babylon, told them that a king had been born, and that same star (planet) constellation pointed out the direction, towards the land of Judah. And the same astrologers in Babylon could have read in the scrolls about Daniel's prophecy that after 70 x 7 years = 490 years, a king of Judah would be born, a great king, the Messiah.

  When the Jews came to Babylon, they hid all the Torah scrolls they could get hold of, which means that today's GT comes mostly from those parts of basic texts and memorized verses that they could reconstruct. At the beginning it was ordinary Jews who were copying down the texts they found of the books of Genesis. These writes were called the E- Group, because they used the word Elohim for “God”, and that is God (El) in plural form. So, first verse in the Bible was; In the beginning, Elohim, AO, created heaven and earth." Saying that it was both the God (Father and Son), but mainly through Alfa Omega (the Son), whom created the universe. Father and Son are at the same time one in the Divinity, and in reality, at the same time two, one I heaven and one on earth. Compare this thought with the story about how Eve came out of Adam, (Caesarean section or born and created) and that one man now became two, but in marriage they will be as One in mind, but still be two persons. Just like Divinity are One, united in thought and action, though they also are two. This is something the Muslims do not understand, that our Father in heaven is so holy that he could not remain walking with Adam on earth. That is why the Son must be “born” because only he can take of his holiness and become us a man. That is why it was the Son that created all of universe, because if something really went wrong, He can and he will one day, break this earth, lump of clay in pieces and start all over. When God the Father passed by Moses on the mountain it was for a very short time. All other times it was the Son that is walking and talking on earth amongst men, so it was not only Adam and Eve that was expelled from Eden. In the burning fire the king saw three men, and a fourth that looked like a prince of God. Note this that the flames did not burn the three men, just like it did not burn the bush in front of Moses or the hair on Peter and the disciples.

  Later on in Babylon the priests (P group) took over the work with restoring the Torah, and at the same time they began to use the word Yahweh, “I am”, for God in singular. Because God watches over the Word, especially the five books of Moses, which seems to have within it hidden codewords, so that no one can change the basic text, we can only assume that the Bible as a whole is very similar to the original, even though there has been many authors and many languages. Because the Lord watches over the written word and would not let any additionally be put in there, although it took many years for them to complete the work.

  God has through time also presented himself with more descriptive names, such as Adonai = Master or Lord. El Shaddai = Almighty One. Lord Sabaoth = God, commander of Hosts.  
   Shemitah The fiftieth year, Jubilee-year, dated back to the time when Kanaan was divide among all the twelve tribes, all the houses and land were returned to the first owner, and this was proclaimed in sight of God and all the people, so all heard and approved. JC calls a seven-year period Shemitah, the jubilee will be 7 x 7 = every 49 years, and of this you can read about in the JC book, "Harbinger" (changes), when the Lord wants to take care of us and the our society so that we will get to know Him better in making the most important changes in our lives. Examples of Shemitah years: was in 1917 when Balfour wrote the declaration that would have given the Jews back Israel, their homeland in the Middle East. Next  was in 1967, known in the United States for its stock market crash, but in Israel, it is remembered as the year when Jerusalem and the West Wall were liberated, and with this all land between the river Jordan and the sea. A land which, according to the United Nations resolution in 1948, should after 2000 years again belong to the Jews.

 Each 6 000 years a Shemitah and Blood Moon coincide, and this phenomenon occurred in 2017-2018, and according to the tradition, something is going to happening with or around the state of Israel. 2 x 7 years earlier 2001, the Twin Tower collapsed, and 7 years later in 2008, the new tower was reopened. The Empire State Building in New York was opened in 1938 and it took seven years to build it. Strange things, but really not important, but something bad did happened against the Jews, and it was the anti-Semitic decision in UN when the Swede’s political leftist forced its people to accept a 2-state solution that divided a small and very much threaten country in half leaving the only democratic nation, in a 100 times greater Muslim world, all alone to fend for themselves.

   At Hamas Assault War in the summer of 2014, PM in Sweden, Löfven, took upon himself this unfortunate decision to support the two-state solution and to recognize all Arabs living in the region to be Philistines and that west bank was now an of Israel occupied country. But then something bad happened to the Muslims. The political "democratic spring movement" from Tunis and Egypt came to spread through out to the Muslim states. But this "spring" did not last very long, because it quickly changed over into a long very hot summer, when a Arab civil war broke out in all their nations. At the same time, the hate towards the Jews in the world grew faster and 90% of the Jews are thinking of moving home, to a country that is smaller than Denmark and with half of the land are mountain and desert area. Israel have solved this problem by building their houses on the hillside and thus leaving all fields free to cultivating. But the Arabs continue doing everything in the way they have lived for over 1000 years, by letting home and crop share same field, with open dikes. But the new growing water shortage is now forcing the Palestinians to reconsider, especially when their population is increasing and nothing has been done to take care of drains and other living problems.

  Before the year 2013 it was noted in Sweden that only 10 hand grenades was exploding a year, but in years 2014-2018 it had increase unexplainable to an average of 150 explosion per year. Likewise, shooting and killing on the streets has increased, but since the politicians do not want to say that all this is due to immigration, then there is only one explanation left. The prophet Joel said; Do not divide my country, says the Lord, because then the judgment of eye for an eye is ´coming over you. And we can all see how things are happening in the world, how swords, as a sickness of mind, are dividing the Muslim countries in two, between their religions, leaders and the people. All the cruel intentions these nations had thought of and still have against the Jews will increase, and of this sayeth the prophet in Ezekiel 38-38, when he calls by name out all of them to their final judgment in their own Armageddon war.
    Kindle (candle-light) According the law of Moses's, all boys must be circumcised after 8 days. Day 40 is the tenth day of next month, Ijar 10, because the month of Nisan has 30 days.

 Jesus Presented in the Temple

Luke 2:22-35 When the time came for the purification rites required by the Law of Moses, Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to present him to the Lord (as it is written in the Law of the Lord, that “Every firstborn male is to be consecrated to the Lord”, and to offer a sacrifice in according to the Law: “a pair of doves or two young pigeons.”

25 Now there was man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous and devout. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was on him. It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Messiah. Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts. When the parents brought in the child Jesus to do for him what the custom of the Law required, Simeon took him in his arms and praised God, saying:

“Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: A light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.” The child’s father and mother marveled at what was said about him. Then Simeon blessed them and said to Mary: “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your own soul too.” 40 days has gone and they were still living in Bethlehem.

   The wise men.
   The wise men were astrologers and scientists who came from the countries that lay eastern, (Babylon) and they brought with them three important gifts; gold, incense and myrrh. When they saw the star lit up in west, when Jesus was born, and a star in their world meant that something strange happened, as the birth of a grandchild, they decided to search for the cause of the phenomenon. (It is written that Jesus would come first to the poor, the shepherds, while the rich and the wise are seeking him.) Jesus was born in a stable, and the only Jesus came to the rich was a place in a rich man's grave.

  After days of preparation, the wise men finally got started and rode their camels in the north-western direction, because they had to get above a great wilderness before they could turn south towards Jerusalem. NASA has found that a star constellation at that time reveal a number of times both stars and planets crossed their paths. The distance they had to travel was about 1400 kilometer, which in camel speed was close to a two months long journey.
    When they arrived to Jerusalem, they went to the palace and ask to see the newborn king.

  King Herod immediately understood that this child was not his, and remembering the old prophecy of the coming Messiah, he called upon the priests to ask them all about the Messiah. From the priest's reply, Herod, who was both intelligent and architect, could soon figure out that 453 years had passed since the Jews left Babylon, and it was right of him to assume that the Messiah, as a king, would be a man for about 30 years old, when 490 years had passed. That all this could coincide with this strange newborn boy who had been able to show some wise men from the East to make a weary long and dangerous journey to Jerusalem, just to worship. So, the boy could very well be the coming Messiah. After Herod had given the wise men the assignment to report back and name the place where they found the child, he dismissed them. When the wise men came out of the city, they saw how the star was shining over Bethlehem and they rode into the town, and entered the house where Joseph, Mary and the child were living. Rome’s taxation hade ended for this time and now there were empty rooms everywhere.

Day after, the flight to Egypt
      But during that night, the wise men had a dream that warned them of Herod's evil plans, and early next morning they packed their camels and quickly chose another longer way home. Joseph and Mary chose to journey southward towards and so they fulfilled the prophecy that says; The Lord called his son out of Egypt.

   More than seven months had now passed since Jesus was born, and the parents first joy of meeting the shepherds and later on the wise men, was now turning into a nightmare, the gifts came now in use to pay for their journey, for gold is useful as a currency in all countries. Herod was, like many long-term kings, very paranoid, he even let kill his own children before they would get the idea to kill him. is wife. But here he should have guessed that it would be more than 30 years before his throne was challenged by the newborn Messiah. But the fear of being wrong he let kill all children under two years just to be on the safe side. And so were all the children from Bethlehem and a cry from Rama was widely heard and later told about by other historians. King Herod the Great, ruled the years 40 - 4 BC and died in long painful death with cancer in the abdominal cavity. Herod Archelaos ruled the year 4 BC - 6 AD, and he was then sent to Vienna in France by the romans. Herod Antipas reigned from 6 to 39 AD, and he was also sent to Lyon in France.

Matthew 2:13 Return to Israel
     When Herod the Great had died, the family Joseph returned to Israel, and they settled in Nazareth, because they feared that someone in Jerusalem could remember the strange thing that happened at the birth of Jesus, with the shepherds and the wise men, and thus give the next the next Herod a reason searching for them. And so, the prophecy was fulfilled that said Jesus would be called Nazareth. The next date mentioned in the Bible was when Jesus as a 12 years old boy visited the temple.

  When Jesus died, 36 years old, was on April 6th, year of 33 AD, or the 6th of Nisan. It is stated in Matthew 27: 45-51 that at the sixth hour (12 noon) a darkness fell all over the earth and at the ninth hour (at 15.00) Jesus gave up his breath. The heavy thick tapestry, hanging in front of the most holy alter place in the temple, was ripped apart in two, from top to bottom, and the earth shook and cliffs crashed down, and tombs were opened. According to NASA in USA, there did happened an earthquake size 8,2 on the Richter scale in Jerusalem around the year 32 AD.

 Jesus' death on the cross.
  To understand the meaning behind this, one must incorporate the whole of God's plan from the beginning. Because the Father is Holy, to the extent that not only was Adam and Eve rejected from Eden, the Father was also rejected from the whole globe, because the wages of sin is death, and His present would have burned the earth to cinders. When God the Father realized that the risk would always exists in giving the humans the free will, as in the case with Lucifer, He left the entire mission, whole of the creation, to His Son. When Adam and Eve sin, ate of the forbidden fruit, a death sentence fell upon the earth. Sooner or later this would happen and the Son understood and was then willing to leave the heaven to become a man and to die earth and thus personally save humanity.

   John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his beloved only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth not should perish, but have eternal life." From the time when the Son was born the two had always had eye contact with each other. “I see You, my Son!” “And I see You, my Father!”

And this conclusion can we make because Jesus always look up to His Father to know if this person could be cured. All could be cured, but many would after the cue go on living as before. As it was when Jesus healed 10 sick in leprosy, there was only one who came back to thank him.

 Man is ungrateful, they take goodness from others as given gift. When the priests condemned Jesus to death, Pilate realized that it was only by envy that they wanted to kill Jesus, and partly because he questioned their behavior, and that Jesus was more popular than they were. When all the sins of the world were laid upon the shoulders of Jesus and the torment came to be unbearable, first then did the Father turn away his eyes for a few seconds, for the Father himself felt the same pain as the Son. (Gods particle, symbioses) And then Jesus cried out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Why don't you look at me anymore?) And then gave Jesus up his spirit. But s a dead person you do not feel any more pain and the Father once again saw his beloved Son and remembered the law: "Whoever is without sin cannot die, for the kingdom of death cannot keep him locked up!"

And so, the Son's willingness to die for our sins to complete the rescue of mankind, according to the salvation plan they both had agreed upon. Compare this act with Abraham sacrifice of his beloved Isaac, who was a young strong youth, carrying both the wood and fire up to the Moria mountain top, and then voluntarily laid himself to be tied upon the woodpile and be sacrificed. First then did God stop Abrahams hand and told him that all human sacrifice was forbidden from now on. But other religions continued to sacrifice people and kill dissidents in the name of their religion, and when the Muslims entered the scene, year 600 AD, they had no problem in continue the ungodly evil rites to kill other religion worshipers in the name of their god. The Muslims then tells us that it was not Isaac but the oldest son Ismael whom Abraham was about to sacrificed on the mountain. Ismael was at this time an adult leader with strength, status and many children, and he would not had had any thought of letting himself be killed like a lamb. Not even if he was in the same age as Isaac, because he grew up among people where men were treated as kings and women were way down on the ladder, as today. That is why the Muslims today do not understand what did happened on the temple mound, a foreplay to Jesus Christ own dead on the cross. And we can also see in the on running history how the Jews have been more or less been considered to be the sacrificial lamb of the world for 3 500 years, with an anti-Semitism and an ever-present hatred of the Jews.

Matthew chapter 24–25. Here you can read about the coming of the end. Chapters title and the subdivisions had been added later, which can confuse those that don’t want to understand, that some of the parts had been written in logical the wrong order. Up to year 300 AD the Jews and Christian communities had shared service in the same churches, but when a collected New Testament was written, the Roman Christians no longer wanted to read about the Jews history in the Old Testament and their forthcoming prophecies. So, the Jews decided to leave taking the Torah with them, forbidding all Jews to read about Jesus, while the Christians now read only the NT, to that length that they one day considered to replace the Jews in their role in world history. Again, it looked like Satan's plan could be successful in defeating Gods plan, but God's choice of Jews did once again proved to be the only right one, for there is no more stubborn people in the world and in their decision to return to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel's) God. And for this their faith a third of Jews are just as the Father had expected, in refusing to worship other gods, and so proved to Him, that they are worthy the promise that all prophecies are to be fulfilled. This means that Muslims and the churches in the West, along with the all other religions and gods in the world, will draw the short straw in stopping Gods final solution. The Bible speaks of birth paternity, which means that, as the woman knows when it is time to give birth and especially when the water flows, we can imagine / know that all time is now running out. Jesus tells us that we always have had war and misery on earth, but they are nothing like those in the coming times. When a flow of water will come rushing down thru the Nile valley and destroy the Egyptian army.

  Jesus also speaks of the judgment of the Son of man, which should not be confused with the ultimate judgment after the 1000 years of peace, the God Father's judgment upon all people, living as well as dead. Jesus' judgment applies to all people that are live during the last day of tribulation, and to those whom judge will ask; “How do you stand in the question of Jews and Christians?” Matthew 25: 31–46 Tells us that here the sheep’s and goats are separated, in favor of or being against Jesus' smallest brothers, the Jews.
    Of these verses you can now understand the purpose of the judgment in Joel 3, when the worlds hatred of the Jews will make all of them to come together for their final blow to the Jews. But the fact is that the final countdown is their own judgment.

Summary: We do not know exactly what day Jesus was born, or the time of many other happenings mentioned in the Bible, but why? Maybe, because the risk that we would celebrate to the last minute and then repent. But we are permitted to make our own observations and calculations to be prepared for any coming judgment day. Likewise, is the state of Israel predicted to continue in the survival as a nation. Hitler said: ”Why can the Jews not die like any other nation? What kind of ungodly fate is it that keeps the Jews alive in spite all enemy nations strife for 2000 years to kill the?”

 The Muslims are soon ready for their final battle, and Satan is ready to pour out all his wrath anger upon the Jews and Christians, only to lose once more. The science fictions movies warn the world of a coming apocalypse and tells us that the clock is now pointing on a minute to twelve, to dooms day, but the Bible tells us something else, that before the end time there will come still 7 + 1000 more years. But we cannot settle down and say that there is plenty of time left, because ... who is sure of a life, tomorrow? With today's terrorism, not one of us are safe the streets anymore.



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