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 What does it means with seven years of Tribulation? 

    What is the seven years of Tribulation?

     The Prophet Daniel talks about that 70 years of weeks (70 x 7 = 490 years) will pass until the day comes when Messiahs will sit down to rule from his throne in Jerusalem. A prophetic year-week is 7 x 360 days = 2520 days. But after that 483 years had passed, a prince (Jesus) will ride into Jerusalem only to be killed. Left of this prophecy are 7 years (the 2520 days) and after that Messiah, King of the Jews', will come down to reign in Jerusalem for 1000 years and it will be a kingdom of peace where all animals and humans no longer will harm each other. In the meantime, when the countdown of the coming Messiah has stopped, caused by Israel's unbelief and many sins, and the Jews would be spread throughout the whole earth.

  Hosea 6:2 Here the people (Israel) makes a remarkable self-prophecy in when they in false repentance says, "Come let us turn (repent). The Lord has beaten us, but he will heal us too. In two-days he will make us alive again, yea, on the third day he shall let us stand up, that we may live before his face." My first thought was the Lord do not punish for a few 1 – 2 days, but when I at random opened my Bible this verse came up. 2 Peters 3:8 "Do not forget this, but one day for the Lord is like a thousand years and thousand years are as one day." This whole chapter is talking about the return of Jesus, and now the question was: What big sin did the Jews do that triggered for them a 2 000-year long verdict, and after that they then by Grace of God they will be taken home to Israel, to live in peace for a thousand years?

Ezekiel 37 This most famous chapter on “Them dry bones” speaks about Israel's return. They were dead but then their bones came rattling together and today Israel is standing up, because it is the Lord's eternal will to make the Jews to be a nation again, the year 1948. The penalty of 2000 years are soon over and so is the time for the Gentiles over, their time God to opened for the world to learn about Jesus Christ and God's Salvations plans. The Bible tells us that in these coming last seven difficult years, called the Tribulation, Satan will in great anger come down to reign and try to annihilate all the Jews and the Christians. Jesus talks about a man's age of 70 years shall pass, (1948 + 70 = 2018), but … if life is good the man’s age can also be up to 80 years. This way Gods tells us not to be overconfident in our guesses? Next problem; Is the Tribulation included the 2000 years, and shall we count down from that day Jesus died on the cross in the year 32, to year 2032 and then – 7 years = 2025. Again, God tells us that he has made the whole issue of dates impossible for us to figure out and all we have to know is that time is short. The Prophet Daniel writes that people in the last days love lies and will not seek the truth, but to those whom seeks after the truth they will gain more knowledge on the coming events, final days, but they will never find all of the answers. But there are some knowledges of the last days that we are allowed to search for and can understand. 

1 Joh 2:18, 22 Dear children, the world will soon end. You have heard that the enemy of Christ will appear. You now see that many enemies of Christ have already appeared. This shows us that the world really will soon end.  I will tell you who is the worst liar. It is the person who says that Jesus is not the Christ. He is antichrist that refuses to believe Jesus is the Son of God.

1 John 4:3. And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is not of God. it is already in the world, the spirit that denies Jesus is from God. It is antichrists spirit, as you have heard will come, and that he is already now in the world. (2 John 7)

   Antichrist spirit. Antichrist will be a man who loves political power in all forms, on contrary to Jesus who does not want to use any power but love to win over people to the Kingdom of God. For the Kingdom of God consists of love and the Holy Spirit comes to us in love, with advice and individual gifts. Antichrist spirit can be found in the four apocalyptic horses.

  Rev 6:1 – 8 The rider on the White Horse got a wreath of victory and a bow, and he went out as to win, but had no arrows. The Horseman on the Red Horse had a long sword and to him was given the power to take away all peace on Earth. The rider on the Black Horse had a balance tool in his hand and he controls the prices of goods. The rider on the Green Horse was called Death and Hell followed him. (The color of this horse was made to be pale yellow, the color of the dead people, because the translators thought John talked about four real horse and not in a symbolic form.) The horses are metaphors on four different ethic forms, that will emerge and grow strong in the 1900 century, and we can now see them in the west as Catholicism (white robe) and Capitalism (black suits), in the east as Communism (red banners) and in the religious fanaticism (green banners). There are talks of many Antichrist, but all of these are only forerunners because it is first after that the Jews are returning home and when Israel has become a nation, that the genuine Antichrist can maybe emerge along with the Harlot and the False prophet. For despite the fact that Israel is now a nation, we still have no certain sign of what day the Tribulation begins. 

  Many believers are looking for signs of the Antichrist, the Harlot and the False prophet somewhere in the United States, but all Bible events are about the history of the Jews and are happened in the territory that is equal to the Roman and Ottoman Empire, which is a roughly drawn circle from Spain and northwards to Russia and the Black Sea, further east around Iraq and Iran, and then down south to Sudan, Ethiopia, and returned up towards the Mediterranean, Egypt and Libya. It is in this area that we can find antichrist and his kingdom, for it is Israel that everything is spinning round with Jerusalem as a hub in the middle. But this does not say that the rest of the world will be spared, on the contrary, for Antichrist power, his mark 666 and his supporters will be scattered all over the earth and Gods sentencing and the natural disasters that the book of Revelation warns us all about will happen everywhere. The ten-nations alliance can be the land belonging to Ottoman Empire, but it can also be a large regional division of the continents, there two kings will stand up against antichrist, but only to be defeated. The Bible also mentions that seven princes (military leaders) and 8 shepherds (pastor’s) that will stand up against the Antichrist, and this tells us that all around the world there will territories where Satan's power is very limited.

   During the first 3½ years of the Tribulation 25 % of the Earth's population will die through war, sickness and natural disasters, and during the last 3½ years, another third will die (also 25 %), suggesting that at the last day of the tribulation, half of Earth's population will have perished. For some this number is frightening, but the optimist will note that after all half of human race will survive. If we in year 2011 were 7 billion, and minus 1 billion Christians (the sum chosen to make calculations easier) then 6 billion remains, and half of that will be 3 billion. So, the question now is ... who are these 3 billion that will survive the tribulation? Jesus gives us a clue when he talks about a coming judgement and the choice between sheep and goats.

Matt 25:32 – 46 When the Son of Man (Messiah) comes in his glory with all his angels, then he shall sit on the throne of Glory. And all nations shall gather before Him, and he shall separate the people as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will set the sheep to the right and the goats to the left. Then the king will say to those who are on the right: "Come, you who have received the blessing of my Father, and into the kingdom that has awaited you since the creation of the world. I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was homeless and you took care of me, I was naked and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you looked to me, I was in jail and you visited me." Then the unrighteous people will ask: "Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty, and gave you nothing to eat and drink? When did we see you homeless or naked and gave you no help?" The king will then answer them: "Truly, what ye have not done for any of these smallest who are my brethren, (believing Jews and Christians) that ye have not done for me either." Then he will tell those who were standing on his left: "Go away from me, you cursed, to the eternal fire that awaits the devil and his demons."

  Since half of all Christians already had been lifted up, home, so whom are these sheep (good Samaritans) that Jesus is talking about? It is clear that nobody questions them about their faith, as being a good Baptist or an ecclesiastical faith, but about something completely different. First among these we can find a large part of those who were left behind but endure in staying faithful, and then we have all those who come to believe through the 144 000 witnesses that went out preaching two by two to all corners of the earth, and then we have a growing number of Jews whom in faith are waiting for the Messiah. But among the sheep we can also find doubters, good people who don’t want to join with Antichrist, people whom like Tomas cannot believe until they see the Messiah standing on the Mount of Olives. It is about these that Jesus says; They did not belong to God’s chosen ones, but they live as God's people should do, while the Gods chosen people are living like the children of the world does. Their hearts spirit will save them.  On the question; "Do you believe in God," the Thomas doubters would have said; "Well, I can't really decide now." And when the Antichrist men tried to force their beliefs upon them, they would say, despite the threat of being martyred; "Nay – yes, but do I really have to decide this today?" They are rigid and feel really uneasy to take a stand, but they do see who the evildoers are and with the risk for their own lives they were willing to help freely or for payment to hide Jews and Christians so they can survive. During World War II there were many of these stubbornness people whom in Gods eyes eventually did the right thing, despite all their doubts, and they are now standing before the throne Jesus all because he wants to give them a second chance in life, which means that they are allowed to live their next day in the millennium, while everybody who took upon them Satan’s mark 666 mark and persecuted God people, they judge themselves as goats and must depart to the left.

   The Prophet Daniel's book ends with a riddle.   

 Dan 12:11 – 12 From the time when daily sacrifices are abolished and the Desolation of Abomination (the Antichrist statue) is set up (in the temple) it shall go 1 290 days and blessed is the people holding out in time until 1 335 days

  The Prophet asked the Lord when the end will come and the answer was; "This will be hidden to the end of time." This means that all previous guesses about a date is meaningless. But in the Prophet's above prophecy is there a riddle that is that cornerstone on which an agenda is build. The 1335 days, seem to fit nowhere and that’s why many have disregarded this piece of information and instead concentrated their guessing’s on Antichrist statue and the 1290 days. Before 1948 nobody believed that there would be a temple and a Jewish Jerusalem, and therefore have all homemade prophecy fallen short and many good Christians have unfortunately been duped. That is why the Bible tells us to test all prophecies and keep that which is the truth. When I began to solve Daniel's riddles, I came nowhere, but one morning an inner voice told me. ”Begin at the end". I tried the idea but got nowhere, but the same voice persisted. "Start from the end!" Then I changed my reasoning and decided that the last day of the Tribulation must be the most blessed of all days, that when Messiahs is standing on the Mount of Olives. And now I understood that the 1335 days, was not a chimera, but would be that cornerstone the whole agenda was resting on.

   The tribulation consists of seven prophetic years, that is 7 x 360 days = 2520 days, and 2520 minus 1335 gives us a new date 1185, counting from the beginning of the tribulation. And if the Antichrist statue is raised on that day and remains standing in the temple in 1290 days then we get the next date, day 2475. (1185 + 1290 = 2475+ 45 = 2520) That means the statue was thrown out of the temple by the Jews 45 days before the end. The day 1260 is half time in the Tribulation, (2520/2 = 1260) and many says that the sentence with 7 bowls of plagues are coming on the second half of the Tribulation and it begins when Antichrist stops the fake peace with the Jews. But this can also happen at day 1185. The next info is that the Gentiles will walk in the temple for 2300 days, (2475-2300 = 175) and that tells us on this day 175 there must be a temple in Jerusalem. This day is also the first date that can be noted in the Tribulation. But the temple may have been inaugurated earlier, but on day 175 it must be in place. Compare this date with the parable when summer begins, that it is only in retrospect we can state the fact on finding the right date, and this date is vital for the continuation.

  Questions. What did happen on that day 2475 (45 days before the end) when all the Jews suddenly knew in their heart that Jesus is now the Messiah, and anointed by the Holy Spirit it gave them all courage to defy Antichrists death fret and threw his statue out of the temple? We know that the antichrist statue god stood in the temple from day 1185 to day 2475, but why this 45 day before the end? The answer can be that 3½ days earlier, day 2471 or 49 days before the end, the two witnesses Moses and Enoch could be killed? These two men preached in 1260 days (2471 – 1260 = 1211) and so, from day 1211 and on the two had preached daily and loudly condemning Antichrist and all humans, and no person could stop them. Then, on day 2471 they two sudden could be killed, and wild celebration broke out with gifts and parties of joy, because all the world could now see their dead bodies lying there in the dust beside the West Wall, for so hated were Moses and Enoch.

 But days later (45 before the end) something dramatically happened. The two prophets suddenly stood up, brushed the gravel of their clothes and was then visibly lifted up into the sky for all to see. And from this moment the Jews understood that if these two well-known old-timers could raise up from the dead and fly up in the sky, then the New Testament stories that talks about Jesus' ascension was all along true. And therefore, on this day 2475 the Jews in holy anger could threw out the false god from the temple, and they all as one now believes that Jesus is the Messiah.

  144 000 witness. Rev 7. The 144 000 Jewish witnesses are sent out two by two (7 200 teams) to complete Jesus' mission given to the disciples, that is to preach the Word of God in all languages and to all peoples. And if these witnesses, all Jews, started their missionary journeys at the day 175, and if they preached for about 1008 days (7 days x 144 = 1008 days and I think it is a reasonable number) and then the day for the Lord to lift them up would be on day 1183, two days before 1185, which is the day Antichrist statue was placed in the temple. And I find it very hard to believe the 144 000 witnesses will remain preaching on the earth when the punishments of the Lord are about to pour out over the whole earth.

All religions that says that these 144 000 witnesses were not Jews but something else they are all completely wrong, for by rewriting the prophecy’s they opened a Pandora door that says it is okay for anybody to rewrite the Gospel after their own crazy whim. When the witnesses were lifted up into the sky, and the antichrist statue was placed in the temple, it would seemed that all hopes are now lost for all Jews and Christians, … but remember this, that only two days later they can greet each other with prophet Daniel’s hopeful good promise; "Blessed are all these that survive until the day 1335, for on that day comes the Messiah."

  And with all these dates, you can now make the following calendar over the Tribulation, with start from day 1 to the last day 2520, because the next day 2521 is the first day millennium.

Tribulations 7 years, from the beginning.

Day 1.  (A date that is not put in any almanack until after day 175.) The events that happens around this day and period are that Egypt has become a wetland that will last for 40 years. Hamas's ongoing digging have destroyed all fresh groundwater in Gaza, because Hamas insist that the wars against Israel are more important than the prosperity for the Palestinians people, and if the Nile tsunami reaches Gaza and fills the tunnels with salt seawater then Gaza will be for all future ruined. After the earthquake has levelled the Dome of the Rock mosque the Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and other terrorists will now make their final attack on Israel, but they will be all thoroughly defeated. When this happen, the UN will not confess that they were wrong all along, but they will decide to give Israel control of all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and give Israel also the right to build their temple. In revenge for this UN deceit, the countries of Russia and Iran, along with a number of Arab nations around Israel will in anger go to attack, but they will all lose the fight in the battle at Armageddon. Egypt’s are at this time tired of all the wars against Israel and after the tsunami shocking destruction the Egyptians finally understand that the God of the Jews were all along on Israel side. And after 40 years of wasteland the Messiahs will restore their land and together with Israel and Assyria, these three in an alliance will now be a blessing for the whole Earth.

Day 175 The temple is sanctified, the red heifer is sacrificed, and the Jewish temple offerings will now daily go on until the day 1185 when the Antichrist stops all offering and sets up its statue in the temple. The gentiles will from this day and on tread in the temple for 2300 days (175 + 2300 = 2475). The 144 000 witnesses led by the Holy Spirit, will on Gods command wander out over all the Earth, and their mission is not ending until all the corners of the earth have heard the Gospel of Jesus. And no man can hurt or hindered them, which tells us that they will go to heaven just before God's sentencing begins to fall.

Day 1183 A possible date when the 144 000 witnesses were taken home (?). 

Day 1185 Antichrist statue. Antichrist miraculously survives an attempted murder, and an image in his honor is placed in the temple for 1290 days. All that does not have the mark 666 nor wants to bow down and worship Antichrist will be killed by fire. From this day all Jewish rituals and animal offerings are stopped. But from this day all faithful can hopefully begin their countdown of 1335 days, until the day when Messiah comes.

Day 1211 Moses and Enoch. The two witnesses will suddenly appear at the West Wall and their preaching’s of coming judgement day, naming all of humans many sins and point out who the false prophet and Antichrist are, makes all people to hate them, especially when no one can kill them. The two will preach for 1260 days, and then lay dead for 3½ days. 

Day 1260 Halftime. From this day and onwards the judgments of God will begin to fall. First there will be a written warning, the opening of 7 Scrolls, then comes the warning, the sound of the trumpets and after that are the bowls with the wrath of God emptied. In comparing the 7 x 3 judgments with each other’s, there are similarities between them, and adding all the evil that three folds will punished the nature, it seems that the world cannot survive when the Earth is destroyed three times up, and neither nature, animals and people can survive. Therefore, it probably is a repetition of the same judgement, first with a written warning, then comes the trumpet warning, and after that will the judgment bowls be emptied.

   In the middle of the second half, the Rivers of Euphrates and Tigris will dry up giving the three discontented Kings of the East the opportunity to march up against the Antichrist. But three toads, evil demons from Antichrist, to meets the three and makes them chance their minds, and the 200 million soldiers turns to the south against Israel. On the First Armageddon War the Jews relied on the God’s help, because they did not want to start a war against the Palestinians, but now their confidence and pride are placed on their own mighty army in going to battle against the Antichrist. Israel’s army fights well but they are constantly pushed back. Many Jews will die or be captured and sends as slaves to Greece and Turkey, and only a small group will survive, but later on we learned that the group will be 1/3 of all Jews, or a sum of 4-5 million people. It also says that the Lord will give the abducted Jewish prisoners a warning that they in the end of days must flee out from these countries for the time has come for God to condemn and destroy them all.

Day 2471 Moses and Enoch are killed. The whole world cheers and send each other presents because the two prophets were hated by all, and all of Gods punishment could not making them to humble themselves. Instead hate the world God and the Jews even more.

Day 2475 Moses and Enoch resurrected. When the Jews realize their mistakes, they all repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness. This Jewish revolt makes Antichrist furious and he will gather all of his armies for a final battle against Israel. In the same time there are many outbreaks of wars all over the world because there are many people still living and opposing antichrist. And a great earthquake destroys 1/10 of Jerusalem city and 7 000 people dies. And the seventh trumpet was heard and the bowl of wrath was emptied. Satan is now at the gate of Jerusalem.

 Zech. 13:8 – 9 And it shall take place throughout the land, saith the Lord, that two-thirds will be killed, only one third shall be left there. And the third I will let go through fire; I will purge them, and test them, as they try gold. So, they shall call upon my name, and I will hear them, I will say, "This is my people." And they shall answer, "The Lord is my God."

Day 2520 Messiahs. In answer to their prayer the Son of God comes down with all of the heavenly hosts. The Mount of Olive is cleft and the Jews escapes into the hidden valley. Satan and his armies are defeated and he himself is thrown into jail for 1000 years. Judgment of the sheep and goats. All those who God count as goats are devoured by the Earth and are no more. The sheep will wake up next morning on a new beautiful day in the kingdom of Peace.  

Day 2521 MILLENIUM.  After 999 years Satan will be released for a short time, one year, to confuse many to make a last stan against Messiahs.

  Isaiah 19:23 – 25 That day there shall be a path from Egypt to Assyria, … and on that day Israel will be in alliance with Egypt and Assyria and they will be a blessing on Earth, and when the Lord of Hosts blesses the Earth He says: Blessed is Egypt, my people, Assyria, my own work, and Israel, my property.

    In the first century of Millennium, the earth will be restored. The great Cities along the many shoreline (Satan's strongholds) have been devoured in the sea and new islands and coastlines have emerged. But even though Satan is imprisoned and his demons have gone into hiding in the underworld, the old human nature is still a part of the human race. At this time, it is expected that all leaders of the nations will once a year journey visit Jerusalem and bow down before Messiah. For those that will not go the verdict is that over their lands no rain will fall, and if the people in that do not agree, then they must get a new leader. And even if everybody has food, jobs and roofs over their heads the old jealousy and pride is still in all humans and envies will arise for not all people can live on the same mountain top. But with the animals there are no hostilities.

  After a thousand years Satan is released, and under one year he gives promising to all those people who do not like seeing the Messiah asking of KINGS. They will be attracted by Satan's many sweet promises and gather themselves all around him. This third Armageddon is a war between the World against Messiah, and all those that believes in Him. After the war comes the Great Judgement over all the living and all the dead. The final verdict is now given, ... and a new heaven and a new earth.     

  Questions to all that have doubt: Do you believe that the new city of Jerusalem will come down from the sky and be placed on this earth in Israel, and will this have happened during the time of millennium? Do you know the measurement of this great the new Jerusalem according to Revelation?

Rev 21: 9-27 The new Jerusalem city wall on one side is 12 000 x 190 meters = 2280 kilometers, and the wall is 72 meters high. There are three gates on each side placed about 570 km apart. If the city is placed on this Earth, then one corner stands on Ireland, next on Latvia, the third on Greece and the fourth corner on Portugal. This Jerusalem is not a city, it is a continent big enough for maybe 7 billion people all living within the city walls. It says that the city, that probably is shaped like a pyramid, because the thorn can be seen from everywhere, and it is somewhere out there in space, in a cube with no glob under it, the only explanation is that most of this inside is atmosphere held together with a shield, like a glazed-in terrarium, in order to keep the oxygen on the inside.

 And all this will be in another memorandum. But here on this earth and in the millennium there will be a new temple in Jerusalem with a throne for the King of Kings to rule from, until that day comes when this old earth have served its use and it will be rolled up like a carpet and destroyed.

Read Hebrews 1-2

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